You only ever truly have yourself
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You Only Ever Truly Have Yourself

Life begins when you realize you only ever truly have yourself. And, it’s not a bad thing. You cannot control someone else’s actions, thoughts, or life experiences – and that’s actually a good thing. An amazing feeling. You’re free from feeling responsible for someone else’s happiness. You do you, boo. And you do it in a way that creates the most happy in your life. Maybe the residual effects will help someone else be happy, maybe they won’t. Either way, you only ever have control of how YOU perceive anything. So be sweet to yourself.

You ever have those lightbulb moments where things just seem so obvious and clear? That’s what this realization was for me. Are you super into personal growth, like me? Here are some more articles you may want to read while you’re here. 

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You only ever truly have yourself

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