natural cure for anxiety

Natural Cure for Anxiety

When I say I’ve looked for a natural cure for anxiety for years, I mean it. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Mine is worse at night, once I’m asleep I’m good, but quieting my mind to get to that point has always been a struggle. Melatonin makes me feel groggy the next day, and prescription medications and I don’t get along, as I’m apparently way too sensitive to them.

I Met Fred Savage

I tried ambien at one point and legit had a full on conversation with Fred Savage who was conveniently posted up in the sheetrock of my bedroom wall one night. He was super nice, we talked about his mole on Austin Powers.

I got brave and decided to try it again a week or so later, and ended up putting my hand through the bathroom floor while sitting on the toilet. I then said “that’s trippy” out loud. After some surface level googling I discovered Ambien can have a hallucinogenic effect on some. They say it’s if you abuse it, but I took a super low dose and just sat in bed watching bravo waiting for it to work and here came Fred Savage. Mole from Austin Powers and all.

A while back I discovered that L-Theanine works nicely for a calm, focused effect, and it quickly became one of my favorite supplements. But even that doesn’t work nearly as well as what I’ve recently discovered via my doctor’s recommendation.

Natural Cure for Anxiety

I finally found something that’s natural and freakin’ works! I got so excited the first time I tried it, but waited to share it with anyone until I knew for SURE it worked consistently for me. 

Have you ever heard of tinctures? They sound so magical and potion like, and they ARE. I’m kidding, but these really do work like magic for me.

Passionflower and Lemon Balm in a couple ounces of juice, mix it up and down the hatch. 30 minutes later I’m super chill. 

natural cure for anxiety
For me, this is an actual natural cure for anxiety which I did not think existed. This combo works so well that I want to get one of those alpenhorns (totally had to google that just now) from the old Ricola commercials and announce it from the mountaintops. I have had zero side effects, beyond feeling calm. It doesn’t make me sleepy, just chill.

Get Passionflower Tincture Here

Get Lemon Balm Tincture Here

Before bed I take another tincture called Kava. I read about this years ago, and I think I even tried a supplement or tea form at that time without seeing any significant results. But the kava tincture has helped my sleep stress level, according to whoop, flat line. Which is a good thing in this instance.  

Get Kava Tincture Here

The Brand I Use

The brand I linked for all three is the same brand I purchased at Sprouts, and they also have it at H-E-B here in Texas. Check your local grocery store if you don’t want to wait on Amazon to ship. 

I mix mine with apple juice, or whatever juice we have on hand. That part doesn’t really matter for the passionflower and lemon balm, but the kava tastes awful so maybe orange juice for that one. The taste is so minor in comparison to the benefits, so it doesn’t bother me enough to keep me from taking it each night.

Let me know if you try it and it works as well for you as it does for me.

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