Being a Single Mom

Being A Single Mom

Being a single Mom these days, I often think back to when I was a 20 year old newlywed navigating moving away from home as a Mama’s baby, then all over the country, then to a tiny dot in the middle of the Pacific. And all that’s happened since. I didn’t know car insurance was even a thing. Now? You name it, I can do it.

Change a flat, install a washer and dryer, hang curtains (this took me longer than I care to admit). I can put a grill together, assemble any amount of furniture (headache be damned), start and grow businesses while taking care of my babies. Pack/move/repeat to wherever the Army sent us. Life has never been easy, but I’m incredibly thankful for the trials that have grown and strengthened me into who I am today.

These days it’s just me and my girls, and I love showing them you can do hard things. Even with a broken back. 😉 I fixed my hot water heater today all by myself, and added it to the lengthy list of notes docs I’ve accumulated over the years. These days I see a challenge as another opportunity for growth. Never easy, but we always come out smarter and stronger.

Love Yourself

As I’ve been on this never-ending personal growth journey, and learning to truly love myself, it’s helped to reflect on all I’ve accomplished while looking toward the future. A technique often used in therapy is to see yourself through someone’s eyes you admire. Imagine your Mom, or someone who loves you unconditionally, listing your accomplishments and wanting you to see how hard you’ve worked, all you’ve overcome, and how strong you’ve come out the other side.

Being A Single Mom Ain’t Easy

You need to pat yourself on the back, girl. It’s uncomfortable, may feel arrogant, but it’s so important for you to live as your true self and continue to show your kids what strong looks like. Being a single Mom is hard, non-stop work. Part of loving yourself is taking care of your health. Prioritize working out for your physical, and mental health. Just in case you haven’t heard it lately, I’m proud of you.

xo Linz

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