You Might As Well Drink Butter
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You Might As Well Drink Butter

When you drink alcohol, you might as well drink butter … I repeat to myself the day after having more than one drink ever these days.

Why? It’s not just the calories.

It’s how tired I feel the next day, which keeps me from being productive physically.

It’s how foggy my brain is from dehydration, that keeps me from thinking clearly and being mentally productive.

It’s how uneasy my stomach gets, leading me to eat more carbs than usual.

It’s how “hang-xiety” is a very real thing, leading me to overthink and worry about things that don’t matter.

Forget the entire day if I have an actual hangover, I’ll waste it just trying to feel normal again.

There are a million scientific reasons not to drink as well, but I digress.

By my dramatic math, all of the above reasons combined equal out to about 500 million calories a drink.

Might as well drink butter, or cooking oil. Which…gross.

I’ve had several trainers over the years, and they all tell you to stay away from alcohol because it will hinder your progress. I’ve always thought, yeah because empty calories etc.. but when you think about the cumulative effect a few hours of drinks actually has, it hardly seems worth it.

So, any good news Linz?

Yeah. If you do decide to have a drink or two, make sure you hydrate in between each drink. Do not drink to excess. Stop when you have a nice little buzz, before you get to the point where “let’s go get taquitos at Whataburger” sounds like an amazing idea. And remember that an hour or two of feeling carefree, will cost you a wasted day of recovery.

Need to relax?

As someone who has long dealt with anxiety, I’ve found the best solution for me is exercise and a nice little supplement called L-Theanine. You can grab it on Amazon here, and just take it like you would an anti-anxiety medication. It works for me pretty quickly. It’s also just good for your nervous system in general, so taking one a day isn’t a bad idea either. I keep it in my nightstand and take one at night before bed.

Alcohol makes anxiety worse

Alcohol will only make anxiety worse, so it’s never a good idea to use that as a coping mechanism. Ironic that people use it when they have anxiety, then it makes it worse, then they drink to get rid of the anxiety. It’s actually a very common, vicious cycle.

Obvi, I’m not a doctor.

Obligatory disclaimer, I’m not a doctor. I am not offering medical advice, just sharing what works for me. 

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