May Phone Wallpaper Background With Calendar

May Phone Wallpaper Background With Calendar

Tomorrow, it’s gonna be May. Not gonna lie, it irritates the fire out of me that I can only hear Justin Timberlake singing when I say that now. Anyway – Here’s a fun May Phone Wallpaper Background With Calendar to add a little color to your screen! 


How to download the May Phone Wallpaper Background With Calendar:

  1. click the image below where it says “click here to download.”

  2. the background image will appear.

  3. click the little box with an arrow pointing up at the bottom of your screen.

  4. select to “save image”


How to set your iPhone Wallpaper Lockscreen

Don’t know how to add it as your wallpaper? On an iPhone, you’ll go to settings > wallpaper > add new wallpaper. A new pretty cool feature I’ve noticed, they keep your previous lockscreen and background combinations so you can switch between them. Kind of like Apple watch faces.

I like to set my wallpaper to both my lock screen, and background. It blurs it enough for me that it just looks “arty” and I get to keep the color scheme similar. I will say, the red in the top left corner of this one makes my text alerts a little more difficult to see, but I’m not great about checking those anyway. 

Check out the rest of the backgrounds you can Download Here

May Phone Wallpaper Background With Calendar

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’ve switched instagram accounts a few times since selling Pretty Darn Cute Design. You can now find and follow me here. Happy May, y’all!

xo Linz

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