Our Quarantine Routine

Last week I shared how I planned to reset my schedule. At the time, I thought we’d be out of school for 2-3 weeks tops, so I hadn’t really considered home schooling something that would need to be penciled in regularly. Ha. Oh sweet, little naive last week. You’re cute. 

That said, I still used the same method described in my Let’s Reset Our Schedules Together blog post to create what I’m now referring to as our new normal.

Today marks 7 days we’ve been holed up in this house. We’ve been wingin’ it so far without any semblance of structure. Honestly, I needed those 7 days to let the reality of what’s going on in the world sink in, to wrap my head around what each day is going to look like, to clearly see what’s important, what’s not, and where we go from here. 

Our Quarantine Routine

In order to establish our new normal, we took the following steps. 

1. Family Meeting to discuss expectations, and help the kids understand what’s going on in the world. Free Family Meeting Printable here.

2. Checklist for each kid. Weekly Checklist Printable Here

3. Journal for each kid. (Our girls are using The Just Today Planner ?) We explained this is not normal, and they’ll want to document this time in history for their children and grandchildren to read some day. The JTP has a full page for “notes and stuff” on each daily spread with ample room to journal. We’re also documenting our days on the schedule side of the page, and answering the prompts seems more important than ever. 

We decided not to create a strict schedule, opting instead to use the Morning and Evening Checklist Printable type format we’ve stuck with in the past. However, instead of having before and after school (morning and evening) sections, it’s one singular checklist.

I added little reminders at the bottom of the checklist to help our kiddos keep their head in the right space. The blank box on the far right is where we’ll be writing in a weekly Bible Verse to focus on as a family. 

To Sum Up Our Quarantine Routine

Each kid gets a checklist at our weekly family meetings.

We will all get up, and get dressed each morning. Even if it means simply changing into new pajamas. ??‍♀️

They each have chores to complete daily.

We are exercising for 30 minutes a day as a family. 

We will be outside as much as possible. 

Tasks are to be completed before 6pm.

Bedtime/Lights Out at 10pm. 

We discussed having fun themed days on the weekends (more on that later!).

The girls will help with cooking meals, they always have and love it.

We will make eye contact when speaking to one another, and no hollerin’ from other rooms because that drives Mama crazy. 

Quarantine Routine

Our aim is to keep a positive vibe humming along over here, laugh even when we feel like crying, and show our kids what it means to persevere and go with the flow. There are so many positives that can come out of this if we choose to focus on what’s most important. 

Laughing Through It All


I’m here for ya, sister! xo Linz

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