Let’s Reset Our Schedules Together

Many schools and businesses are closing for 2 and 3+ weeks to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Which means a LOT of our routines are about to be upended. Instead of binging Netflix and starting happy hour early (my go-to snow day routine), I decided it’s the perfect time to do a big fat control+alt+delete on my schedule and work towards becoming the best version of myself. They say you either run your day, or your day runs you. About once a quarter, I like to do a bit of refinement. With all of the closings, and craziness going on in the world, I think now is a great time for us to hit the reset button together!

The Just Today Planner Was Made For This

I designed the Just Today Planner so that you could either document your schedule or write in the schedule you want.  Don’t have a Just Today Planner yet? I’ve created a printable version of the Daily page for you to use. Just use the form below and it will be emailed to you, even if you’re already subscribed. Now let’s get to creating your ideal day!

Think Big

There are a million and one cute little memes out there that say “you have the same amount of hours in each day as Beyoncè” – It’s popular because it’s so dang true! You do. Time is a gift. We get a brand new day every 24 hours! So when you sit down to plan your day, think big – whatever big means relative to your ideal life and wants. I have zero desire to be a successful Pop Star, so my days will definitely look different than Taylor Swifts’.

Organize Your Needs & Wants

Okay, here’s how I do this. On the left side of my Just Today Planner in the Notes & Stuff section, I list the things I need to do each day, and write the time next to them. For instance: taking the kids to school and picking them up. Same time every day. 

Next, I list the things I want to do each day. The things my very best self does. Like exercise, waking up early to get some work done before the kids are up, making time to create things, and having dinner ready at a specific time.

Assemble Your Ideal Day

Once I’ve completed my wants and needs lists, I start filling in the schedule section of my Just Today Planner . The time slots on this page were intentionally left blank so you could write in your day, no matter your schedule. Work nights or odd hours? Ya good, boo!

Try It Out

Now that you have what you think would make for the ideal day down on paper, give it a go! Wake up when you said you want to wake up (no snoozin’), eat when you said you were going to eat, exercise when you said you were going to exercise. Do all the things at all the times you said you would. Try it for a week, then tweak as necessary. Assuming you’re striving for excellence here, the first few days may be uncomfortable. Not many people are super pumped about waking up extra early the first few days, but at some point you hit your stride and it becomes normal. 

Use Your Planner

Whether you have the physical Just Today Planner right in front of you, or the free printable version, USE it. I’m a massive fan of glittery, colorful pens, but sometimes you just need to grab whatever’s quickest and get to work. This is actually one of the reasons I added so much color to each full page spread of the Just Today Planner – so you get all the happy without having to bust out that bag of fun pens on the reg. That said, you should TOTALLY break ’em out when you have the time.

Point being, don’t be afraid to mark through things, and make notes out to the side. Your planner doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to work for YOU!

Tag Us!

In fact, I think we should share our messy planner pages more often on social media – tag @playfulpaperco on instagram or @playfulpaper on Facebook when you share your well used pages, so we can celebrate you keepin’ it real!


Playful Paper’s mission:

To create purposeful products that inspire a community that chooses to make the ordinary magical, LIVE FUN, LOVE BOLDLY, and RADIATE POSITIVITY.

We would be thrilled to pieces if you’ll join us in the brand new Playful Paper Facebook group! I’ve named it the Playful Paper Village, because it takes a village to do life. Let’s BE the village. For ourselves, for our real life family and friends, and for those friends that seem to live in our screens. Everyone needs a village.

What Works for YOU?

I’ll be sharing more about my schedule in there, and things that have and have not worked for me in the past. Most importantly, I want to hear from you! Sharing what does and doesn’t work for each and every one of us will help our village grow in refinement and efficiency! Woo Hoo! 

Join the Playful Paper Village!

If you joined the facebook group, drop a heart in the comments below! I can’t wait to see the amazing things our village is able to accomplish together!xo https://heylinz.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/pennant-1.jpg

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