75 Hard Rules

75 Hard Rules

What are the 75 Hard Rules? Ever since I completed 75 Hard last year I’ve told as many people as possible how life changing the experience was. I’ve searched and copied and pasted what I’m going to share with you below countless times since. We have a big group of people on facebook starting this week, so I wanted to put all of the information in one place. 

75 Hard Rules

Before you commit to the program (not a challenge, don’t call it a challenge, you’ll see why after you listen to the podcast linked below) read the 75 Hard Rules at the link below. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. If you’re at a place where things seem overwhelming, you’re feeling burnt out, maybe you haven’t been able to lose the weight you’ve been trying to for so long now? Do this. Just commit to it, keep your head down, and go. One day at a time.

Read The Rules Here

75 Hard Podcast

Once you’ve read the rules, listen to the podcast Andy did detailing the why behind every item on your daily checklist. The reasons may surprise you, as most people stumble upon 75 Hard wanting to lose weight. This program is not about losing weight, it’s about mental toughness. Guess what happens when you start keeping the promises you make yourself? If you want to lose weight, you do.

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75 Hard Book

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I actually didn’t know this book existed when I began 75 Hard last year. I found the program through an Instagram hashtag, and didn’t know anyone who had ever done it before. I was kind of blindly going through the program in that sense. My friend Brandy hopped onboard so thankfully we had each other to share our experiences. Spoiler alert: It was life changing. There really isn’t any other way to describe completing something like this when you’ve never done anything like it before. Your sense of accomplishment, your mindset, your general attitude towards life is forever changed. You realize you CAN do absolutely anything you set your mind to.

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75 Hard App

The program itself is free, and you don’t have to use the app, but I highly recommend it. For a one time fee of $4.99 you’ll have a daily automated checklist for accountability and tracking. I love how it keeps you on track, and even stores your progress pictures so you can look back and see how far you’ve come. Did I mention one of the daily tasks is to take a progress picture? You think you don’t want to, but you do. Whatever you take your first picture in, wear something similar each day so you can truly see the progress. A sports bra and panties, or sports bra and shorts etc. Keep that in mind when you take your first picture, it’s crazy fun to see the progress when you’ve completed the program.

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To Sum Up

  • Read the rules
  • Listen to the podcast
  • Download the app

Join Us

I’m doing 75 hard again with a big group of friends, shoot me an email if you want to join us, we’d love to share what works for us, the good and the difficult days, and cheer you on! Email Me.

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