November Phone Wallpaper With Calendar

When I think of November, the colors brown and orange immediately spring to mind. I think it has everything to do with a construction paper turkey we made in elementary school. You know the one… You trace your hand, then cut paper feathers out and glue it all together. Draw a face and gobbler that looks absolutely nothing like an actual turkey, then present it to your parents with pride like you’re the next Picasso. It’s funny how things from our childhood often subconsciously determine how we see our present day. This year, I decided to really think about what colors come to mind when I think of this time of year. It surprised me to realize I get a definite deep pink or magenta vibe. As an adult I now see November as a whimsical space , a season all it’s own. The mischief of Halloween is over and there’s this pause before Thanksgiving and Christmas where we’re turning our thoughts towards gratitude. The full notes page that accompanies each daily page of my Just Today Planner is filled by the time I finish my coffee each morning. I hope these November Phone Wallpapers I created help remind you to slow down and celebrate the magic of November. xo Lindsey

November Phone Wallpaper With Calendar

Click on the wallpaper you want to use and you’ll be taken to the full resolution image for you to save and use. The calendar is for your lockscreen, and the other is for your home screen.

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