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15 Play School Ideas For Your Kids With Free Printables


When I was little my siblings and I loved to play school! My girls also love it, which thrills me to pieces! With this unexpected 2 week hiatus from school, I thought now would be a great time to create some free play school printables to help entertain all of our kiddos. 

I have two daughters, Chloe and Evie. Chloe is 12 and Evie is 7, which makes for a super fun play school dynamic. Chloe is the teacher, Evie loves being the student. They usually create fake lessons, but both of their schools sent home stuff for them to work on over the next couple of weeks, so that takes the guess work out of their pretend school session. 

These free play school printables are by no means necessary, but I’ve found if you show your kids this could be a “real game” and get excited with them, it holds their attention longer.  


  1. Classroom Rules Printable
  2. Lesson Plan Printable
  3. Name Plate for their desk Printable
  4. Teacher “Ms. _____’s” Classroom Sign  Printable
  5. Cafeteria Sign Printable
  6. Gym Sign Printable
  7. Restroom Sign Printable

15 Play School Ideas For Your Kids With Free Printables

  1. Create classroom decorations together, like paper chains, drawings, or even an alphabet banner!
  2. Go on a nature walk in the backyard and search for rocks, leaves, etc.
  3. Act as though the entire house is a school, and walk “the hallways” to art/pe etc.
  4. Be their “Lunch Lady” and serve them lunch in the “cafeteria” (use printable cafeteria sign for your dining area)
  5. Have a parent’s day where they invite you to come visit their classroom.
  6. Visit “the zoo” on a field trip (our dogs love this extra attention)
  7. If you have any old boxes lying around, let them create a school bus out of them.
  8. Have them watch Magic School Bus to learn a thing or 12 from the amazing Mrs. Frizzle (a childhood fav of mine! Who doesn’t love her?!)
  9. Play “library” and let them check out books using an object as a 
    scanner (a toy cash register for examle).
  10. Create a group Art project, work on it together, and then give a presentation to your parents. 
  11. Book reports, but when they’re done reading the report, they also act the book out.
  12. Crazy sock day etc – all the fun days you have at school throughout the year
  13. Show and Tell
  14. Cooking class with Mom
  15. Movie Day

The possibilities are endless! The super fun thing about playing school is there are no limits to their creativity, let them play and they’ll think up some of the neatest stuff on their own!

Download Them Free Below!

Free Play School Printables

Pro Tip: Throw in a “we all clean up at the end of each day” suggestion when the classroom rules are being discussed. ?

If there are any additional play school printables you think would be helpful, please let me know in the comments below. We are all in this together, y’all!

I’d love to hear what kind of fun things your kids come up with in the comments below, and tag Playful Paper on social media if you use ’em as well! 

xo Linz

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