14 Romantic Comedies That Will Make You Smile

One of my favorite snow day activities is watching a feel good romantic comedy with my coffee. Since it feels like we’re on an endless run of snow days here lately, I wanted to share some of my favorites. The kind that make you laugh, make you smile, and some that make you laugh until you cry. 

14 Romantic Comedies That Will Make You Smile

  1. You’ve Got Mail
  2. Leap Year
  3. 50 First Dates
  4. Kate & Leopold
  5. The Holiday
  6. My Best Friend’s Wedding
  7. Love Actually
  8. 13 Going on 30
  9. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
  10. Aloha
  11. The Proposal
  12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  13. Bridget Jones’ Diary
  14. When Harry Met Sally

I know I’m missing some essentials here, leave your favorites in the comments!

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