Hey CEO Setup Instructions

1. Install the Elementor Plugin and activate

2. Select “Continue with Hello Elementor Theme”

3. Name Your Site

4. Add Your Logo, or use the built in text design that comes with Hey CEO

5. Skip the template selection and go to your dashboard

6. Install the Unlimited Elements Plugin and activate

7. Install the Elementor Pro Plugin and activate (not 100% necessary, but you won’t get every feature the theme has to offer without the Pro version. (email me if you purchased during our cyber sale and I’ll install and activate your free copy for you)

8. Make sure all plugins are up to date. If you have Elementor Pro stored on your computer, it may be an old version and you’ll want to update that after installing under your Plugins menu.

9. Go to Elementor > Tools > Import/Export Kit

10. Select “Start Import”

11. Drag and drop or select the Hey CEO Theme File

12. Check all of the boxes next to recommended plugins

13. Hit the Import Button

14. TADA!



Make sure you have an active SSL on your website. I offer this free for my hosting clients. Everyone needs one these days, or you’re penalized in search engine results. Make sure your server has “Force HTTPS” if an option.

If your pages aren’t looking quite right – you’ll want to configure what templates appear where. You can do this under Templates > Theme Builder. Select the template in question, and change the conditions. For instance, your “Single Page” template should be used for all singular pages, and excluded from the front page.

Hey CEO Setup Instructions

Custom Fonts Used in Demo, if you’d like to use these email me for the zip file: lindsey@heylinz.com

Name the fonts as follows in order to ensure they appear as they do in the demo.

Nav Font



To edit the home page:

Navigate to Pages > WordPress Theme for Female Entrepreneurs

Select “Edit With Elementor” at the top

Hover over the area you want to modify.

You’ll find your Instagram Feed options under the Instagram Feed menu in your dashboard.

To change your logo, go to templates, theme builder. Select Header. (whichever one has the green dot next to it means it’s active) Click on the text one line at a time to modify and retain the styling.

Toggle the mobile setting to modify the mobile header the same way. You’ll find negative margins in the additional CSS area to adjust the script text spacing. Email me if you have trouble with this.

To edit your mobile menu navigate to Templates > Popups > Mobile Menu and select “edit with elementor”. Hover over the menu and click. You’ll see options appear in your panel to the left, select your menu from the dropdown. Click update.

Simply duplicate the Landing page to use it for more than one page. Edit. Publish.

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Number Circles

Unlimited Elements > Activate Number Box

Add CSS class to menu if Popup actin’ up


Need Help?


Please don’t hesitate to holler at me, I’m happy to help!


xo Linz