Four Agreements Phone Wallpaper and Lockscreen

Four Agreements Phone Wallpaper and Lockscreen

My current favorite book is The Four Agreements, so I made this Four Agreements Phone Wallpaper and Lockscreen. The Four Agreements book has been nothing short of life changing and an indispensable tool that better helps me understand my perception of life, and that of those I encounter. The book goes through 4 pillars to essentially filter everything through.

I’ve broken them down into a few simple ideas that jumped out at me, and added them to a lock screen for your phone. I find having them handy in this fashion helps to keep my head in a good place all day long as I go about tasks and encounter all sorts of people. I’m a big energy person,  and can be easily sucked into a negative vortex unless I’m keeping myself cognizant of the possibility. So seeing these 4 “rules” staring back at me when I check the time causes me to become more aware and realign my thoughts when necessary.

I hope you find this lock screen or wallpaper helpful for the same reasons, it truly can change your life to remember these 4 simple ideas as you go about your day.

Simply right click on the image and save to your device.

I usually share stuff like this with my friends on Instagram until I have the time to sit down and write out a blog post.  We should totally be friends!


Four Agreements Phone Wallpaper and Lockscreen

Simply click on the image below and the full resolution wallpaper will appear. Right click or hold and save to your device.

Have you read The Four Agreements? If you haven’t, are you adding it to your TBR list? If you have read it, what did you think?

xo Linz

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