O’Snap Liquid Supplements​

O’Snap Liquid Supplements​ did not work for me. I now recommend all of these instead.

O’Snap Liquid Supplements

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I wrote a blog post about O’Snap liquid supplements a few years back, but have since had a bad experience and no longer use them. I consulted with my doctor on what supplements would be best for me, and it turns out those liquid ones were not the best combo. I now use a different protocol that works amazing for me. You can check those out here, and read below to see what you think is best for you.

I wanted the convenience of a liquid supplement to work for me, but the supplements themselves did not. Sleep in a Snap gave me what felt like a hangover the next morning, I’m told it’s because of the combo of ingredients mixed with my sensitivity to melatonin.

Surge in a Snap gave me the jitters after a while, and a bit of an energy crash mid afternoon. If I took another one, I needed the Sleep in a Snap to calm down for bed. You can see how one fed the other. I no longer need a sleep supplement when I’m not ingesting those ingredients, so that worked out well.

Turns out, the best combination for me was continuing diet, exercise, balancing my macros, and these supplements. Everyone is different, I don’t mean to bash O’Snap, I just want to share my experience.

Supplements I Currently Take Instead of O’Snap Liquid Supplements​

So in the event it doesn’t work for you, I’m sharing what I currently use, why I use it, and what it does for me.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Boosts your immune system, helps strengthen muscles, is good for oral health, and boosts your mood. I really like this brand specifically because it dissolves under your tongue and is a much higher dose than other brands I’ve tried.

Vitamin E

Great for your skin, speeds up wound healing and also a mood booster! I also use Bio-Oil with Vitamin E in it for skin discoloration, stretchmarks or scars.

O'Snap Liquid Supplements


Elderberry is great for your immune system, but also lowers inflammation and stress. Both of which I tend to accumulate on the regular. It’s also high in fiber, great for your skin, and can help you heal from illness more quickly. This particular brand is my holy grail because it includes zinc, vitamin c and vitamin D3 all in super tasty gummies.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is great for your liver, and your liver does a lot more than just filter those old fashioned for ya. It’s great for your brain because of it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some consider it a neuroprotective supplement, which are super fun to dig into and read about. I love learning new things, and finding new supplements that will help me live a healthier, happier life.

Women’s Probiotic

This women’s probiotic is great for your gut, and your urinary tract. I’ve tried a ton of different brands over the years, and this one is at the top of my list for efficacy. I notice when I forget to take it, and some of the others I didn’t see a difference.


This is one I only recently discovered when cedar fever hit Texas hard this year. My doctor recommended it, and it’s worked like a charm to soothe inflammation in my sinuses. It actually comes from the stem of the pineapple plant, which I thought was fun. It’s also great for digestion, and somehow helps your joints and muscles as well. Love bromelain!


Ashwagandha is one I don’t take all the time, just when I need a bit of a mood booster and stress relief. This stuff does the trick. Some say it takes weeks to work, but I swear it helps me within hours, and this formula is extra potent.

My Favorite Supplements

I’ve written about my favorite supplements for years, and I still use the same ones when necessary, while continuing to look for more improved options. You can always check out the updated list of everything I use and recommend on my Amazon Storefront.

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